Thursday, October 10, 2013


We received news that Dr Rutter felt good about us staying put at home this month and not coming for a bronch after all. Preston's airway needs a break. Our little man needs a break.....we all do actually. What a relief! We are having such a great Fall with the boys and knowing we are home for the next 6-7 months with zero travel for Preston feels AWESOME! We know we have to go back and I will forget about that until Winter is over. :) I am pretending we never have to go back. LOL I am loving this weather and having my running buddies together again is great. We have been soaking up park visits in the morning AND evening (to help pass the time while Tim has games). I have taken the boys to 3 of Tim's games and they love it. We plan to pick out pumpkins this weekend and do some carving. The boys halloween costumes are ready. We have Tim's b-day, our 8 year wedding anniversary, and then its already November. That means the boy's 2 year pics and birthday are right around the corner. I can't even believe it! I see so much change in the boys lately. They are each other's best buddy and worst enemy at times. Some days I want to freeze time and others I am ready to skip a few days ahead. I am doing my best to live in the moment. Each day counts! I am not sure I would have this outlook if we had not been on this journey with P. Wishing everyone a wonderful season of THANKS!