Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Year brings New Home and great changes!

Tim and I decided 2014 was going to be a GREAT year for us despite what happens with Preston. So far it is living up to our expectation. I think we are at a point where the trache doesn't define P anymore ( i hate admitting that there were times it did)  and we are bound to live ALL OUT this year with nothing holding us back. Feels good and free! Till we need a babysitter and realize the risk of leaving P with someone who isn't totally trache trained and knows what to do in an emergency is not worth the freedom that we long for at times. Oh well, everything good comes with a price tag. I am willing to live with that and be OKAY with it :)

After a solid year of looking and going back and forth about moving, we bit the bullet and bought our 'forever' home. It is only 5 minutes from where I grew up in Leawood so I love the neighborhood. Lots of huge old trees and we can walk up the street to the private Catholic school near by. Just feels right for us! We are also only 5 minutes from Grandpa Walker's work so we plan to make more visits which the boys will love. January was B.U.S.Y. as I traveled for mk and we packed up and moved out in one weekend in order to update some things in our old house. We had the kitchen gutted and lots painted and our home officially went on the market! WE DID IT. We talked about it for so long and the time never seemed right. This time it feels like the right time. We close on our new home on Valentines Day (how romantic, right?) and we will move in 2 weeks later. The boys are going to have so much room to play and run around. I can finally have the kitchen of my dreams to bake till my heart is content. We are much closer to all of our family (not that we were that far away before) and Tim is only 10 min. from work. I get to have my office that I have longed for with french doors. :) I am eager to meet our new neighbors and discover some favorite walking/running routes in the neighborhood. I forgot how stressful moving can be but it has honestly been a breath of fresh air for all of us! Our old house holds so many memories but we are ready to make new ones in a new place. Can't wait to post pics of the boys standing in front of the SOLD sign once the snow melts!

Tim heads to Cincinatti on March 10th with Mr. P for a full work up of tests and scans/scopes to see about the swelling in his airway. They will be gone for 4 days and I booked their stay at RMH already. I am staying home with Reid. The move has been nice distraction from worrying about what we will find from these tests. I am trying to pray rather than worry. Easier said than done. I will post results once my boys return home. :)

The fun piece of news for Tim is he will be picking up my 6th free mk car at the end of March for HIM  to drive. MK launched a new black BMW. Such fun perks! They are having it delivered for him in about 6 weeks. We will have a huge car party at Baron BMW for my whole MK Unit, family, and friends since this will be the first one in our area to be delivered. Tim has it really rough these days lol!

The snow/blizzard here has led to 2 eager boys longing to 'scoop snow' 24/7. They beg to go outside and I am VERY ready for Spring. Reid asks to put his boots on at least 10x a day and grabs his coat to 'scoop' with a meltdown when I turn down his request. Preston loves being outside but as soon as his hands get cold, he is one happy camper to turn in for the day! LOL Cracks me up!

I hope everyone is off to a great start to 2014 and staying warm - its been fun reading the posts from our friends and see what everyone has been up to! Pics to come…..need to download them off my computer!