Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter and flights booked for Tonsillectomy!

We had a wonderful day celebrating Easter with both of our families today! We headed out bright and early for a family walk and trip to the park. Couldn't have asked for better weather! Once the boys can attend Sunday school or sit still better we plan to venture back to church. The boys loved hunting for eggs (my parents hid 100 eggs- they had so much fun watching the kids) and my mom had a delish brunch for all of us. It was fun seeing the cousins all play together. So glad my sister and I live so close to each other where a holiday seems like just another day sometimes with all the kids together! The boys napped over at Nana and Grandpa Walkers and then had another egg hunt before dinner once they woke up. My father in law made grilled salmon that was amazing!!! The boys were wiped and ready for jammies and a show once we got home to wind down. Thankful for such a nice day!!!

My parents with their 4 grandkids 

VERY proud of his eggs

This pictures makes me realize we MUST do something with Reid's hair before summer hits LOL

Auntie LOVE and snuggles

These two were SPENT

GiGi reading a book to Reid- priceless!

On another note, we have our flights booked to Cincy for Dr Rutter to take out P's tonsils and trim his Arytenoid on the left side back. We leave June 4th! Tim is driving the same day I fly with Preston and we will fly into Indianapolis where Tim will drive and pick us up. We will then drive to Cincy from there. Much easier this way even though it sounds more complicated. Flying Delta directly to Cincy with a plane change is a nightmare. I will never fly them again after our last trip! :( Southwest flies directly there (no plane changing is a huge plus) and renting a car is more expensive so it will be nice to have our own car for the 12 days we will be there. No idea if we can stay at RMH yet. I call them on Monday to discuss out options. We fly home on the 15th. It will be here before we know it! Tim is ready to say good-bye to his school year and soak up summer with us at home. It's not been a good year for him unfortunately and he took a new job for next year at Blue Valley Southwest. I can already see a pep in his step with the anticipation of a new start with better things ahead. We are also VERY VERY hopeful we get the green light to schedule a date for his Single stage LTR and decannulation while we are in Cincy for the tonsillectomy. That will be 8 weeks later. Hard to believe it's been almost a year since we were preparing to live in Cincy for P's double stage LTR. He has come so far!