Sunday, March 23, 2014

Answered prayer!

When we got the news another summer would be spent in Cincinnati I was devastated. I couldn't bare leaving Reid for another 2 months over summer so Tim and I went to the drawing board. We just couldn't come up with a perfect plan. We knew our families and friends would take wonderful care of him but after being gone last summer, I knew how much we would miss and I just couldn't do it again. Plus the boys are finally at an age where they play together and talk to each other and HATE when the other one is gone. We tossed around the idea of us taking turns flying home for a week at a time but the cost would be insane. We considered bringing Reid to Cincy AFTER the single stage LTR surgery but knew that was next to impossible with how different this surgery and recovery would be. Plus we would all be sleeping in the same room- no way that would work. My heart was literally breaking at the thought of missing out on another summer of being home and keeping the boys together. Who wants their 2 1/2 year old little boy stuck in a hospital during summer fun? Not me! He deserves a break! I was hoping they would say he wasn't ready till Fall. I know that sounds so twisted since we are so eager for him to be decannulated. I have longed to be able to take the boys to the pool together for the first time (even though it won't be nearly as much fun for P with being so restricted near water). All the morning walks to the park, going to the zoo, trips to Deanna Rose, and just soaking up the sun in the back yard playing together are things I want to do so badly. I started praying harder than I ever have before. Even several times a day. I was begging Jesus for answers. I fought back tears every time I would talk about this to friends or our family. Everyone has been so HAPPY for us to find out this surgery will mark the end to a V.E.R.Y. long road for our family. And we were happy too but the timing just didn't sit well with me. I know Tim being off all summer is perfect for this situation but when you have a twin son being left behind, it is not a HAPPY time. :( I won't lie- it was really dragging me down in every way. I finally had a talk with myself to release this. We didn't have a date for surgery yet. We were waiting on a call from Dr Rutter's amazing nurse, Janet, to tell us the final plan and timeline after Dr R reviewed EVERY test from his week long stay. We sold our house the very next day and that kept my mind busy! Then I was prepping to leave for St. Charles, MO for an MK conference so I didn't have time to think about this anymore. While in the car on the way to the conference this past Friday, Janet called me. It was the phone call that was the answer to my prayer and I still can't believe what she shared.

She said it turns out that Dr Rutter wants to remove P's tonsils before the LTR surgery. I was shocked. It will give him much more room and he needs the arytenoid cartilage on the right side trimmed back (whatever that means lol). Dr R wants to do both of these procedures together. He won't do it till June to give Preston a bit more time to grow. Should have a date tomorrow or Tuesday! We will be there for about 10 days and Tim and I both take him. We will all fly for this and hope the RMH has room. Otherwise we will be in a hotel again like last summer till room opens us. She said that means the Single Stage LTR surgery won't be till at least 8 weeks post Tonsillectomy so that means we won't be going back to Cincy for the month long stay for surgery till end of August. This means I GET TO BE HOME MOST OF THE SUMMER WITH MY BOYS!!! I have never been so emotional and filled with gratitude. Once again, this journey continues to be a testimony of God's grace and mercy on our life. We have made it thru every obstacle and trusted in Him when things seemed so challenging and hopeless. I will also be able to attend (for the 1st time in 3 years) the FULL conference and awards event this summer in Dallas for work. I look forward to this every year and I can't wait to attend the FULL event! It will fill my cup up before we head to Cincy at the end of Summer. This timeline poses a bit of a hurdle with Tim returning to work and his coaching season is Fall. :( But we will manage and I will plan to be with P the entire time and Tim will be with me for the surgery and I am planning on having my folks with me. Reid will have Tim home with him and I am working on childcare for daytime for the duration of my absence. He will be spoiled rotten and it will be great that Tim will be home every night with him and every weekend! I have a new pep in my step since receiving this news! I can't stop smiling! Looking forward to posting the date of P's Tonsillectomy for June soon! :) Now I am off to plan our summer activities and soak up every minute we are home. I sure have a new level of appreciation for being HOME :)

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