Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter, Firsts, and Suction news!

We had a nice and relaxing Easter this year! The boys got the hang of it pretty fast! Next year will be even more fun since they will be able to eat the candy and fully understand what an Easter Egg Hunt is all about! We spent the morning with my family over brunch and had an Egg Hunt with Will and Ava. It was a blast to see all 4 cousins picking for eggs together. We got some good pics! The boys napped at my folks house and then we headed to Grandpa and Grandma Walker's house for dinner. They boys got to see their GiGi and it made me realize this is the first Easter without my Gram. So many wonderful holiday memories were made while my Gram lived in KC the past several years. I will never forget last year's Easter when the boys were so tiny and it seemed like such work to leave the house with them to go have brunch with everyone. It was worth the work once I saw how happy seeing them made her. The family photo we took with her last year will be cherished since it was the boys 1st Easter too! My Gram LOVED brunches so it was appropriate to have brunch again this year! Just seemed a little empty with her not there! Grateful we have both sides of family within 20 minutes of us and each other. Makes the 2 visits in one day pretty easy!
Had fun doing their baskets this year!

The vacuum was a HIT.... a little cleaning before heading to brunch!

Egg Hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Preston's house! Preston would take an egg and RUN for it! LOL

The boys have hit a few more FIRSTS this past weekend (4/6/13) so I wanted to share a few photos! We realized quickly with the weekend weather being in the 80's that it was time to turn their car seats around forward facing. It is so much cooler for them to have their seats forward facing.......they were super hot. Plus, once we turned them, I realized how scrunched their legs have been. :( I know safety regulations suggest 2 years but it was time for them.

They also experienced their first bath in the BIG tub TOGETHER! Seems so silly to be saying this with them being 16 months old but we have been bathing both boys in the sink up until now. We have always been so cautious with Preston being in water and his trache so the sink was the perfect solution. We used the PUJ tub for a long time and once they outgrew it, we just sat them in the sink. Saved us back aches and hunching over and they LOVED the sprayer in the sink. Well, we realized it was time for a change and we are not turning back. The BIG tub was a HIT! Preston was in HEAVEN. He is our water baby for sure!!! Can't wait to go to the pool this summer with them. :)
This picture captures how their excitement perfectly!
Time for a FIRST for me in this post! I took both boys to the dr on Wednesday (the day i have no nursing or babysitter) on my own for the first time. We then met Tim for lunch (he had a training session all day and a longer lunch break than usual so it was perfect). I have so much help on a daily basis and I am VERY appreciative of it. But I do LOVE being a mom to the boys on my own. It is empowering to know that i can do things with both of them on my own. It gets a little complicated at times but nothing I can't handle. Never thought I would say that! My double stroller got a good workout since we had 2 different dr appt's at KU at 2 different clinic locations for Preston. After 2 stops on the highway to suction P (he had extra secretions due to the weather) we made it! :) Reid was VERY patient and I was proud of myself for being on time, remembered everything, and we all stayed pretty dry since it was raining all day. Lunch with Tim was such a treat! The boys lit up like light bulbs when they saw Tim show up at Jason's Deli to join us! So sweet!
Patiently waiting!

2 different clinics and 2 and 1/2 hours later they were fried! Took a great cat nap on the way to Jason's Deli!

Preston says "Hooray for lunch with Dada!"
Lastly, we have EXCITING NEWS! If someone would have told me 16 months ago that I would be doing a cartwheel over a NEW suction machine, I would have thought they were crazy! Well, that is our exciting news! DeVilbiss (the company that manufactures P's suction machine) has just launched a NEW suction machine with 1/2 the noise of the current machine and a NEW sleek bag that is 1/2 the size of the current one). I had no idea about this until we were experiencing issues with the suction machine today (and have been for months on and off) and finally decided to go into the office myself and show them the issue we have been experiencing. Jessica and I were out with the boys while having trouble with it so i just said, 'Let's go into the office and get this solved' and off we went! The company is right down the street from us so it was no big deal and we were running errands close by so we dropped in! They were surprised to see all 4 of us walk in the door but loved seeing the boys. I bet many clients don't pay THEM a visit often! :) We like our supply delivery guy, Sam, so he was happy to help us out. He brought out this new machine and bag and said "This is the NEW suction machine and NEW bag and this is the only one DeVilbiss gave us and we want you to test it out and give us your feedback." OKAY! No problem! I am already in LOVE! Since this thing goes with us everywhere, I want to like it and the other bag was a BEAST! Check this bad boy out.............
The new sleek black bag is 1/2 the size of the old suction bag!

This suction machine is an A+ in my book! EVERYONE needs this one!

The days are flying by and I have to admit that I am not very focused on our trip to Cincinnati in 3 weeks. It will be here soon. I was obsessing about the trip the first 2 times we had to reschedule and now I am just soaking up the days with the boys and wrapping up the last 3 months of the year for work. I just want to trust in God's timing and not think about the unknown anymore. We will know enough sooner rather than later and that is good enough for me! 

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