Saturday, March 30, 2013

Iowa City, IA- 2nd opinion

I am finally getting around to downloading pics from the camera (I take too many with my phone and need to get better about taking more with my camera). I came across pics from our road trip to IA to get P's 2nd opinion of his airway. This is where we met Dr Smith who agreed that traveling to Cincinnati is a GREAT idea. Preston is a fantastic traveler so it made the trip very easy! Let's hope he is just as great with flying come May!

Crashed out on the way there!

This was such a special moment for me to bring Preston to the Little Amana General Store in the Amana Colonies. We grew up stopping here every single Christmas trip on our way to visit family in Illinois. We stayed the night at the hotel, swam in the pool, and my sister and I always have fun 'shopping' at the general store and buying their candy and seeing the toys. We HAD to stop on our way to see Dr Smith.

We have arrived! Off to the Ronald McDonald house to get settled.

Waiting to see Dr Smith! I was a nervous wreck.......just wanted good news and we got it!

Someone had fun in the waiting area.

Tim and his mini-me

Crashed out on the way home!    

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