Monday, November 4, 2013


This year was so different than last year trick or treating with the boys! They went as Milk and a Cookie thanks to my sweet friend, Hilary, who made them and passed down the costumes from her twins last year. It worked out GREAT and they were a huge hit! Reid was so proud of himself to wear his costume and P tore his cookie off instantly. So it took some convincing but we managed. We made our rounds on Thursday to Dada's work and got to see other kids in costumes, play in his classroom, and show off a little. We try to visit Tim every now and then for a little field trip. I didn't realize the boys knew where we were until we pulled in the parking lot and Reid said, "Dada"….i couldn't believe it! Then we paid Grandpa Walker a visit at work. Everyone at the bank loved them. They even got cup cakes! After naps, we headed to a trunk or treat with my sister, brother in law, parents, and the boys cousins. They actually got the concept of taking the candy and putting it in their bucket. We decided to hit up her neighborhood afterwards and the boys had fun chasing their cousins to the doors and running in the yards. This age is TOO fun and precious. It was a fun day to remember!
Did a dry run at costumes the day before. 

So proud of himself to have his costume on

Get this OFF me
Coloring our pumpkin
P really got into it
Visiting Dada at work
The big halls were scary......I love this picture because I see the look on Tim's face and I am so grateful he LOVES being such an involved dad! 

This picture says it all when we go into Tim's classroom....pure JOY! 
Busy at Dada's desk

Fun visiting Grandpa at the bank
Splurging on cupcakes

Trunk or Treating
We didn't realize we were going to match. Our mom bought us these shirts a few seasons back and we both had it on when we arrived to trunk or treat! I just love that my sister and I can raise our kiddos together and they are all 2 years apart! SO FUN! 
Reid giving it a shot! 

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