Thursday, December 26, 2013

Today we closed the chapter to P's 'ear journey'

Tim and I are smiling from ear to ear today as we closed the final chapter to P's ear surgeries! He looks pretty rough and has a lot of pain but should bounce back like he always does. Dr Andrews is simply amazing. I plan to post a before picture at the start of Preston's ear surgeries and once the swelling is down, we will post a good after pic to compare. Dr A actually gave P some lipo suction (hence the little scab on his temple) to fill in the dimpled and rough skin next to his ear. P also got a cool hair buzz :/ Unfortunately his cheeks did like the tape they used to shut his eyes during the procedure so we will work on getting the rash to subside this week. Our clinic follow up is next Friday and then we should be HOME FREE!!! We are BEYOND excited! This is our 3rd holiday break spent in the hospital with Mr P since he was born and 4:30am wake up calls are no fun after a BUSY Christmas Day. Next year we will cherish being home and the boys can play with their toys all day together and maybe they will even sleep in LOL :) Reid is having a fun filled day with Grandma and Grandpa Walker and we are so fortunate for all of their help with him so we can focus on Preston. My sister in law is bringing us dinner tonight which will be wonderful and we should be headed home tomorrow. More rest for all of us is needed as Tim and I both woke up with colds today. Just glad we don't have to worry about working right now and we can take care of P and ourselves. We hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday.......Santa came and spoiled the boys rotten!! Thank you for the well wishes and prayers as today went GREAT! :)

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