Friday, August 1, 2014

I have learned Gods delay is not His denial

We have been anxious for our trip to Cincy for P's scope- he is breathing so differently and tolerating the speaking valve great! We were supposed to leave on Tuesday. We received a call last week that Preston's scope and surgery date was cancelled and rescheduled for Sept 3rd. That was a FUN call to receive after I spent 1/2 a day planning hotel reservations, RMH short stay room reservations, airfare arrangements, care for Reid, and the most important piece- Tim was going to be able to come with me. All of that has changed. I forced myself to believe this was for a reason and a lot of things started to fall into place even more perfectly than before. I am still having a hard time getting over the fact that Tim won't be coming with me. I will be flying solo with Mr. P for this BIG trip! Tim insisted taking time off work etc but I think it is VERY important Reid have one of us here for him and Tim starts a new job with a lot of adjustments and he starts soccer season too- it doesn't make sense to leave those 3 pieces of the puzzle behind. The boys are at an age where they really need at least one of US. We have child care arranged for Reid while Tim is at work and coaching. Tim *might* fly out to be with us if we end up having to stay longer than planned. I have no idea how long I will be gone with P. That is really hard for me to type. The unknown is scary. I would be lying if i said I wasn't nervous about going on my own. I have done it before for a follow up appt but not for a planned surgery and a big one at that (this will be 4-6 hrs if he needs the surgery). I won't have a car this time and I am allotted 4 nights at RMH reserved in advance and then its a hotel room after that. There is a wonderful shuttle the hospital provides which should help. Just requires a lot of logistics and planning ahead I am not used to. My parents have a trip they have been planning for a LONG time to see best friends and they were going to cancel it to come with me. I said NO WAY! For the past almost 3 years I feel everyone has stopped their life in some form or fashion for us due to traveling for Preston and I am saying NO MORE unless its an emergency. I know if it came down to desperate measures they would do it for me. I am simply updating everyone to ask for a few specific prayers and THANK YOU for delaying your 'Trache free for P' wearing shirt day till Sept. 3rd. We leave Sept 2nd to fly into Cincy and his scope is Sept 3rd. Dr Rutter will then let me know how his airway looks and admit Preston to the complex airway floor for 4 nights and 5 days. They will take aggressive measures to get him breathing as close to trache free as possible (drill a hole in his trache and downsize it etc). If he cooperates and is ready, they will avoid the surgery and probably send us home with a smaller trache and a capping plan/prescription. That is what we are PRAYING HARD- VERY HARD FOR! If he doesn't seem to tolerate the 'tricks' Dr R is going to do in hopes to avoid this surgery, he is scheduled for a single stage LTR on Sept 10th. 

If you think about it or have a minute, it would mean a lot to us to have you pray specifically for:
- No complications while flying (I will get a pre-board auth which should help a TON) and to sit next to someone understanding and helpful (nobody will ever fill my friend Kristen's shoes in this dept;) 
- My strength and stamina- anyone who knows me well, knows I require ALOT of sleep for health reasons and I anticipate being tired with a 5 day stay inpatient and Preston not wanting me to leave his side for a second. Sleep in the hospital is non existent. 
- Doctors wisdom and guidance for what is best for Preston 
- Peace for Tim (i am pretty sure this will be equally hard for him staying here as it will be me leaving) and an easy transition for Reid (i anticipate a lot of "Where's brother and mommy?" happening- the boys are VERY close at times. 

I will be updating the blog during our visit and asking for more prayers if we need them.  I just can't thank you all enough for the private messages you send me during these periods. Calls and texts are NEVER a bother even though many of you are always afraid to 'bug' me- NOT THE CASE E.V.E.R.!  
I learned in my Mary Kay business years ago that Gods delay is never God's denial- I couldn't believe this to be more true in my personal life when I received the call from the hospital with delaying P's scope/surgery. I started reading Jesus calling for my daily devotion and I wanted to share one of my favorite's that resonated so deep in me. I hope this encourages YOU as it did me. 

KEEP WALKING with Me along the path I have chosen for you. Your desire to live close to Me is a delight to My heart. I could instantly grant you the spiritual riches you desire, but that is not My way for you. The journey is arduous at times, and you are weak. Someday you will dance light-footed on the high peaks; but for now your walk is often plodding and heavy. All i require of you is to take the next step, clinging to My hand for strength and direction. Though the path is difficult and the scenery is dull at the moment, there are sparkling surprises just around the bend. Stay on the path I have selected for you. Psalm 37:23; Psalm 16:11 

On to the next step we go…………...

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