Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sharing a bed with your son

Well, three generations pile into the car and take off to the Queen City, Cincinnati. P did awesome along the way and we stopped and allowed him out to run as much as possible. We were stocked with snacks from Lorna's open house and Nana. We even had Nana-made sandwiches. Those were a hit. He watched 4 Disney movies and did not sleep until we had about 2 hours left of the 10 hour drive. We arrived to RMH and had dinner. He made a direct route for the play room. The funny thing is that anytime Ronald McDonald came around P would sign for grandma since Julie was a clown for Halloween. Pretty funny!

5am came early and we were off to the OR. We got all prepped and went back. My dad and I were walking as the doctors were walking in, I predicted about 40 minutes and I was right. Dr Rutter and Benscotter, the Pulmanolgist, met and shared what they saw. All looks good, the lower lobes of his lungs were a little junky, they suspect due to him not having a strong cough. Also his air way is S shaped, which is normal for kiddos who had traches. No concern shown for it since he is doing well. We were given a 6 month reprieve from coming back and we were given permission to do a revision. Dr. Andrews will do it and that will be bitter sweet. His neck will look as if nothing ever happened. 

We head home tomorrow and will resume life. 

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