Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Festivities and Halloween

We have had a busy Fall getting into a routine with school and establishing new work hours for me while Tim was in full swing with practices and games. Tim is done coaching so I feel like i can take a breath now. Halloween was fun and I had the pleasure of going to the boys 1st school 'party.' So cute! We pulled Preston's Mickey button out so he is feeding tube FREE. That feels INCREDIBLE!!!! We are gearing up for my 12th annual holiday open house this weekend so my boys will be off to Grandpa and Nana's for some fun. Tim and Preston leave Sunday for Cincinnati with Grandpa Walker. They are driving. Flights were too expensive to justify the cost so they are roadtripping. I am looking forward to some quality time with Reid. Preston will have a another visit to the O.R. on Monday for his post decannulation follow up scope. Please pray his airway looks GREAT! They will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House which we are so thankful for. They had a short stay room available! I am curious to see how a school day for Reid goes without his side kick. The house will be VERY quiet! We are really eager for Preston's Trach FREE for P party coming up! The boys celebrate their 3rd Birthday on the 15th with a Diggers, Dinosaurs, and Donuts party. We decided to combine both celebrations with this time of year being so busy for everyone. We asked friends and family to wear their shirts and it will be so wonderful to finally watch Preston blow out his candles on his cake for the very first time. I have prayed for this day as each Birthday passed and it is a prayer finally being answered. We have been practicing how to blow out candles too so he sure is ready! I had professional pics taken of the boys (and P's first pic trach free) for Tim's b-day. That was fun:) The boys had their very first overnight at Grandpa and Nana's TOGETHER! This was such an awesome 9 yr anniversary gift for us. I never realized how much Reid missed Preston going with him on his overnights until I was putting their shoes on and telling them where they were going and Reid turned to P and said, "You coming with me Preston?" Reids face lit up when Preston nodded yes. Pretty awesome!:) We also paid a visit to see Dr Andrews and show off P's naked neck and have him examine the scar (the plastic surgeon who actually trached P as an infant). It will be a full circle moment for all of us because he will be the one closing up P's stoma sight on his neck for good and making it appear as if a trach had never existed. Normally the revision on his neck would be done by Dr Rutter (his ENT in Cincy) but Dr Andrews offered to do it and to save us travel cost and time would be huge. Plus, his work is so amazing and I really feel like he would do the best job. The look on his face when he saw P for the first time without his trach was awesome. Aside from all of the activities, we have soaked up lots of beautiful weather with trips to the park over lunch and lots of evening walks before winter is here. I also make it a point to visit my parents each week to play the piano with Grandma and see the construction they have going on at their house since the boys love watching the hammers and getting in dirt. We hope everyone is having a wonderful Fall :)

Enjoying lunch on the driveway

Never a dull moment with Mr P. He NEVER has pants on! Sad its blurry but you get the picture!

Playing piano with Grandma

The best plastic surgeon EVER Dr Andrews! 

Loved celebrating the Royals going to the World Series! Loved these crowns they made at school

I made pancakes for lunch went in the other room for something and came back to find the plate on the floor and they were chowing down. LOL And do you notice who doesn't have pants on again? 

1st professional pics without trach- Happy 3rd (almost) Birthday

The Twinkies for Halloween 2014

Celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary KID FREE in our own home and got to sleep in! :) Put up our new tree that Tim surprised me with and made homemade cauliflower pizzas and drank too much wine! It was awesome!

These 2 are VERY into playing 'camp out' in the family room. EVERY blanket and friend possible joins them! 

Daddy playing legos with Mr Naked legs 

Excited about his pumpkin behind him.

The boys celebrating Halloween at school with Ms Abby. (she is incredible and the boys even ask to go to school on the weekends LOL)

Snack time at the Halloween party with Ms Kelsey

Trick or Treat time 

Cousin Will, Cousin Ava, and the boys 

My mom dressed up like a clown and the kids went bonkers! 

Another 85 degree day in October so off to the park we went for lunch!

Looking forward to all that November brings!:)

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