Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my boys! 
This post is late but wanted to capture the boys 2nd 'train theme' birthday. We did Thomas the train but with the boys interests changing so fast, I would have done a 'tools' theme for Reid and 'fireman Sam' theme for Preston if i hadn't already planned Thomas in advance. They didn't care- they just loved the donut holes I got for their party. My mom made their cake again like last year. It is made from scratch and DELISH! It is going to be a tradition to have pumpkin cake each year since their B-day is in November and we plan to have a cake for each of them with their own theme as they get old enough to pick and say what they want. Here are some pictures from their actual birth day and party.  So cliche but time is flying….its like sand slipping thru my fingers and I just want to freeze time. But as soon as I say that, they learn something new or say a new word (Reid) or learn a new sign (Preston) and then I can't imagine not celebrating these milestones. They have become very close and want to do most things together. Reid says 'bruder' for brother and Preston signs Reid name 24/7. They get upset if one wakes up from nap or in the morning before the other one. They want to go and open the other's door to wake them up. Pretty cute! Glad they have each other as buddies for life:)

Birthday Breakfast

Yay for turning 2! 

Birthday SELFIE

The boys buddy….Jess! The best day nurse we could have ever asked for! 

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little snuggle bunny. P likes to sit in anyone's lap he can find. He is my snuggler every evening from 6-7. Doesn't leave my lap. 

This kid is full of SILLY :)

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Reidy. This pic was taken in my office which is so fitting for Reid because he is definitely my little working buddy. Anytime I am in there working, I can always count on him to find me and 'help' in any way! Total perk of working from home! 

Off to the dr for their 2 year check up. They are both almost 30lbs and got a clean bill of health! KU Medical Home is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G- nothing like having top notch NICU dr.'s as your kids pediatricians till they are 5 years old! We lucked out for sure! Plus, we got to see our 2 fav KU nurses that day! We took them holiday cookies and a holiday plate! :)
Preston sure loves Alex- went right to her for some love- she was P's primary night nurse in the KU NICU once he was transferred and she was a total blessing. Thankful she has become a close friend of mine too! 

If it weren't for Liz, I would have never felt equipped to take Preston home. She was P's primary day nurse and fell in LOVE with him and in turn, we fell in love with her. She is a very special friend! 

Turning 2 is tiring. Had to take a pic of him cuddling with his bear that night. Too sweet! 

Thought it would be fun to add pictures of their birth to see how far we have come. Hard to see P without his trache. He was born a fighter!

Preston (baby B) hours old 

Reid (baby A)- first born and only a few hours old
Let the party begin

Poor GG- she always wants to get a hug from the boys and a picture and they NEVER cooperate. We tried! 

Pumpkin Cake

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