Wednesday, October 8, 2014

1st Field Trip- off to the Pumpkin Patch

We lucked out with the boys starting school just in time for the 1st field trip of the year. Off to the pumpkin patch we went! That was an experience and really fun. They encourage parents to come if we want/can and I am glad i went. Riding the big school bus was an experience for the boys. Reid was scared and Preston hopped right on. No surprise from either of them. Drop off was the normal time and then we were invited to stay to watch morning routine before leaving on the field trip. Glad I got to see what they normally do to start their day. Preston wasn't thrilled to follow along knowing I was there and Reid totally ignored me. LOL Their teacher is phenominal. I am impressed. And Reid has found a particular liking to Ms Kelsey (one of the Para's) and he is sitting next to her. He also invited her to our house. I love kids! She really connects with him. He chose to sit next to her on the bus ride home instead of sitting with me and P. So i got extra special time with my little lovie and that was nice. Making up for some lost time is how I always look at any one on one time I get with P! 

Singing songs after open play. 
Cute video I recorded for Tim so he could see the type of songs they do. I missed getting the 'hello, goodmorning, and say hi to our friends' song- super cute!

Holding Ms Abby's hand and wore their backpacks to hold their pumpkins

All strapped in ready to ride the bus

Sitting on a hay bail to ride the tractor to the patch

The boys found their pumkins. Reid got the 'big daddy' pumpkin and Preston got the 'baby' pumpkin as they called them. FUN morning with my boys! 

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