Monday, October 24, 2016

Day 1 under our belt

We got the first day of testing out of the way and P was a trooper. Since he was due for an esophagram at 9:30, we are in radiology by 9 and he could not eat until we got back in the room for the X-ray. He did great listening to the directions from the Doctors. P got a kick out of the Dr's because one had a Captain America patch on his lead suit and the other Dr's name was Preston. So P thought it was a game like "Simon Says", except it was "Big Preston Says".  He got the pleasure of drinking Barium, which is thick, white, milky, and tastes gross, and the Dr's got the pleasure of watching it travel down to his stomach and then watch it move into the small intestines. He rolled left, right, on his back, left again, right again and won the game of "Big Preston Says".

The best news of the day came in the form of being able to move his swallow study, the vertical portion of the party in the X-ray, up so that we did not have to return later in the same day. We got that out of the way and he rocked it too. There was one little glitch and he had to repeat some steps and still did well.

We spent most of the day at RMH playing, since we are only able to stay for the one day. He basically walks around like a mayor and thinks he knows and owns the whole place. "Hey dad, let's go to this play room, you remember this one it has Jake's ship."  I am not sure how he remembers it. We saw lizards out on the play ground too and he was sure to report it to the staff at the front desk.

We have checked into the hotel and are now in close quarter living for the remainder of the time here. I think it will be Thursday when we are able to head home after a clinic visit with the ENT Team. Tomorrow it will be operation "not get cooped up" after we head out for a CT scan, which I think he can sans anesthesia. We will have to see about that though.

No real results today but all the people looking at the scans said they looked good. 

Below are some pics from today and yesterday.

All my bags are packed and look who made the trip Leo and Bumble

Costumes to checkout for Halloween at RMH

New RC car from RMH, man this place is awesome, and P said Reid will FREAK OUT!

Who doesn't love your friendly neighborhood Spider-man?

One of three playrooms visited today

No scary clowns here just Ronnie

This is for Reid. He wanted to see the lizards; we saw about 7.

Ready for the close up with his toys to occupy him.

Waiting to be called back

His best Hulk face.

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