Thursday, October 27, 2016

Home sweet home

P and I are home from cincy and life is beginning to resume.

The findings from the scopes yesterday were not as awesome as what we wanted. They fall into three categories: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good
From the GI standpoint there is nothing to worry about and everything looks great. His diet of carbohydrates and dairy can continue as normal, which it did right as we got in the car to leave.

The Bad
His airway is not awesome it is not functioning at 100% and this problematic, at least it is not life-threatening or handicapping; if it were we would not have been allowed to come home. His trachea is collapsing more than usual when he breathes as well as the the portion just below the the trachea when it first enters the lungs.

The Ugly
His old trache site is the main cause of the problems. It is "s shaped" and not super strong and there is really only one way to remedy this. He gets the opportunity to have another reconstruction of his airway, where they graft more cartilage from the ribs into the airway. This time it will only be one graft on the front of the airways but it is still major surgery.

We will be in cincy for 4 weeks and in patient for 5 - 10 days. He will intubated for a time and we pray that they won't have to do a trache again, but it can happen. He will have an feeding tube in the other nostril. I think we may try to have this happen soon more so than later. thoughts when the doctors said this to me were all over, it felt like taking a step backwards. Like they said though, if it was life-threatening we would not be back here. We are praying that God reveals the plan to us so that we can have peace with our decision on when to get the surgery done and P stays healthy so that we can get it done when scheduled.

So i suppose this is a good bye for now..... 

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