Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Day 2 in the books

Day two went off with out a hitch. P did go to bed super late last night but did sleep until 9 today, so that made up for it. We were at the hospital by 10:15 to get set to go under for a CT Scan, although I was not convinced that he needed to be put under. Other than the fact it would eat up more time, I hate to put him under if it is not needed. After consulting with nurse and the child life specialist showed him what to expect, we went back for the CT without sedation. He did great and he held his breath and followed directions to make it a success. For the CT scan we needed two things examined, his lungs and temporal bone. We left there and went to eat finally.

The temporal bone scan is for the Docs in KC to see of the ear bone is thick enough to start to mount his hearing aid. 

After the CT scans and eating, we went to the Cincy fire museum. He loved it and it was cool to see the history. I know my grandfather, who was a volunteer fireman, was smiling down to see the fun P was having.  He was not able to climb on the trucks like we could when we were kids but he loved to see the tools. We were then going to go to the zoo, but I remembered we had another office appointment. On the way back to the hospital we made the pilgrimage to Graeters and P had chocolate choclate chip and I had salted caramel chip (new) and mocha chip.

We then saw the GI doc and the Pulmonologist. They will see him tomorrow. The GI will go an EGD and check acid reflux, take some biopsies, and wash a little out of the stomach and esophagus. The Pulm will look in the upper airway and down to the lowest depths of his lungs. He will do a lavage of his lungs and gather fluid to look for any anomalies and see why he can  have persistent coughs.

The day ended with us going to a park and then intending to go the river front areas to walk around, this was changed when he fell asleep on the way there. We came back to the hotel so he could drive his new RC car.

Tomorrow is the bronch with Rutter and company. We may need to do a clinic visit on Thursday or we get to come home. 
He thought it should have icing and sprinkles instead

First meal of the day chocolate muffin

Following directions
So brave!

Pumping Water

Like the cows in KC, cincy has a connections to pigs. I will have to find out why.

Hiding from the Docs
We needed more room, so we went to the patio.

Waiting to be seen
Best Ice Cream EVER, says P
No walking for me

'17 Ahrens
Another Ahrens

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