Monday, September 16, 2013

BIG week for Mr. P

Preston is showing us so many signs that he is ready for this big trip! I am beyond proud of him! We hear him taking in breaths by mouth more than ever, eating everything with zero problems, drinking milk and water with no thickeners, and needing ZERO suctioning last night and minimal suctioning during the day. We are amazed this happened so fast for him. All I keep thinking is, 'I bet his swelling has gone down dramatically and things are going to be nice and open for Dr Rutter to get a good look  at his airway to tell us what the next step is.' Right? I am so hopeful! 

I am questioning why I unpacked Friday. We are packed back up again for this week's trip. Having Tim come with me is a huge relief. This will be a trip that will be etched in our minds forever I am sure. Dr Rutter will bronch Preston Thursday morning and this will be the final bronch to determine Preston's future in regards to his airway. Will he be ready for the next step to decannulate? Will we need to wait it out depending on the swelling or lack there of? Can we start speaking valve trials? When will he want us to come back? There are so many unknowns and I am VERY anxious to hear what he has to say. 

We leave early Wed morning and fly to Indianapolis. We are renting a car and heading to Cincy where we will stay at the RMH. P will be bronched around lunch time on Thursday. 12noon is P's O.R. time. Then we head home Friday evening. Flight times were not ideal for this trip but we plan to spend some quality time alone with Preston and catch up with our RMH friends too! I am glad the weather is cool and we can see what Fall in a different city looks like. The nice part is Preston will not be inpatient for this trip so we can stay at RMH with P. A trip to Graeters is in order of course. :) We hit the jack pot and will get to experience Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Tim is drooling! Reid will be with my folks the whole time. Tim and I are taking Reid out for a date with us on Saturday night for pizza and lots of quality time together. Us leaving has taking its toll on him. :( Hopefully we won't be returning to Cincy anytime soon after this trip but I am prepared for anything. 

I wish I felt that THANK YOU would cut it each time I blog to all of you. It never will. I just keep trying to make a difference when I can for others while we continue to receive so much love, help, and support from everyone around us. Looking forward to sharing news later this week! 

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