Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We are settled back in Cincy!

I am happy to report we are back in Cincy, settled and spending our time at Hampton Inn. We have P's time for his O.R. visit tomorrow. 10:15am is when Preston will be bronched and his stint will be removed.HALLELUJAH! I am very eager to hear what they say after looking at him.......hoping his airway is much less swollen. We will be inpatient tomorrow night and hopefully be discharged on Friday. I was told to book a one way ticket so departure is yet to be determined. I will know by tomorrow evening hopefully. We scored a direct flight into Cincinnati to avoid car rental and a 100 mile drive like usual. We also had an empty flight so P got his own seat. The hospital has a great shuttle service that I used. It has been an easy traveling experience. Reid got to spend his whole day with Auntie Kim and then his Grandma Walker is taking him to Tim's 2nd soccer game this afternoon. I am so fortunate for a wonderful 2nd family who is helping us out in a major pinch! Grandpa Walker will spoil Reid tomorrow and then off he will go with my parents for the night and all day Friday. My mom and dad had plans to go to Will and Ava's ice cream social Thur night so Reid will get to go with them. That boy loves ice cream and will have fun playing at the school with his cousins. This wasn't the plan obviously for the week but it is coming together just fine. I MISS TIM! Did I say I MISS TIM? It sure is a whole different experience doing this solo. Strangers have been very nice offering to lend a hand. I am sure I look like a hot mess but I really do feel like I have everything under control. Just lots and lots of bags! Nice to know there are helpful people out there! Tim will be joining me next week for Preston's (already scheduled) follow up bronch. That will be the big meeting with his Dr to determine P's future with the goal of being trach free. And the best part is we already have a 'short stay' room at RMH booked. No hotel! Whoo hoo! I decided to leave the pack n play at home so wish me luck on my first night having P join me. Lots of snuggling that I am looking forward to! :) I anticipate an uneventful update tomorrow from P's hospital room while he recovers. Thank you for your prayers! And for my hubby who is hopefully winning his 2nd game......GO STANGS GO!!!!!!! As Reid says, "Go go go go go!" We are working on the STANGS part! :)

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