Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wonderful day and ready for tomorrow!!!!

We had a great night dropping off Reid last night. We went on a long walk near my parent's pond with the boys and my folks and then did jammies getting ready for bed time. As soon as my mom mentioned brushing teeth, Reid ran upstairs like lightening and thats when we took off. Not a tear and I am so happy to leave knowing he is happy. Who knew brushing teeth could be such a great distraction. :) I can't wait to get home and spend one on one time with him Saturday night. 

Today was an early start but we had a great flight. Always feel lucky when the flight isn't full and Preston scores his own seat. Preston is happy to be back with some of his favorite toys. The best of the day was getting to meet Miss Kaydence. Flashback: When we thought we were heading home at the beginning of August and got the crushing news we had to stay another week, I was certain it was for a reason. Just didn't know what it was at the time. Well, then I ran into Kelley who's 3 month old daughter was trached the day we met her at RMH (that same yucky day we found out we were staying another week). She noticed P's trach and struck up a conversation with me. I would have never met this incredible mom and new friend if we had been sent home. Gives me chills. I know God kept us here for this exact purpose. Kelley and Jonathan have been here for 5 long months and we have been so lucky to see them last week when I was here with P and now this week. And today I got to meet their adorable baby girl Kaydence and hold her. Talk about flashbacks when Preston was that age!!! I HATE that they are still here but its been a great chance to build our friendship. Tim and I realized early on in our 'having a trached child' journey there are few people who REALLY know what we go thru on a daily basis. They know! Spending the evening with them was great and our hubby's hit it off great. 

We are headed to bed with much anticipation for tomorrow's bronch. I am not sure how I feel. Part of me feels like we are about to receive some incredible news that we need. He had required ZERO suctioning for the last 3 nights and maybe 3-4 times during the day. The best he has been since his reconstruction surgery. We is breathing so well thru his mouth. I would like to believe this is because his swelling has decreased dramatically and the meds we put him on a month ago are working beautifully. In my head, this is what I am believing to be true. Tomorrow we will know for sure. I had a few tears while showering last night just hoping and wishing for a small break with the news we receive tomorrow. I am tired. Not going to sugar coat it. Mentally I am fried. I find that when I get a good night sleep and run or walk in the morning, I can keep my emotions in check. When one of those don't happen, I am not able to handle this roller coaster of a journey as smoothly. SO, I am making sure I take care of ME. It sure helps to have Jess everyday to vent to and she totally gets every aspect of our journey. She is not just a home health nurse, she is my therapist. LOL Seriously, it really helps to have her and her support on a daily basis. Its such a conflicting feeling knowing that when Preston is decannulated, she will no longer be with us and I am not ready for that. But I am SO ready for decannulation. Looks like I have a dilemma! :/ I am believing everything will work out how it is supposed to. Soooooo, as we head into tomorrow not knowing what Dr Rutter is going to tell us, I am reminded that I do know we have a God who loves us unconditionally and has seen us thru the darkest days. He isn't going to let us down now when we have made it this far. Preston's O.R. time is 12 noon EST so 11am CST......please pray for him if you think of it during your busy day! I will be sure and update once we are out of recovery and P is settled. 

Here are some pictures from today! Feels good to have had such a great day! 

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