Friday, September 5, 2014

Tomorrow is D day!

Preston rocked his capping trial! He was off monitors all day since his breathing has been perfect. We called Tim on his way to work this morning Preston said Hi Dada and a few other whispers of 'words.' This is all so exciting! He is loving hearing himself giggle. We have the orders and decannulation will be happening tomorrow! Its finally official. Tim is in route on the plane as I type this. I still can't believe this is happening. We are becoming a bit bored after being in the same room for 2 straight days. It will be awesome to celebrate tomorrow and have Tim here all day tomorrow and Sunday. He has to get an IV tonight (i am dreading this b/c he is a hard stick) but must have for it decannulation. They need immediate access incase of emergency.

We had fun today making videos of Preston saying HI and being able to hear himself breathe. He is pretty proud of himself. We also got to take a little field trip to the gift shop and walk a little bit. My heart is SO FULL tonight! Reid had a day of fun with my sister and Ava while Will was at school. He is obsessed with their sweet kitty, Willis, and had fun getting to do drop off at school this morning. My in-laws have him for the weekend and I am just so thankful he is a secure little boy who hasn't once asked for me or cried about me being gone. He is being spoiled! :) I certainly wouldn't be crying for me if I was getting all of the attention and goodies he is receiving!!

We plan to take video tomorrow of his decannulation so he can watch it when he is older. I pray it is uneventful and he is stress free and doesn't panic. We have prayed and DREAMED of this day for years and Tim and i can't even believe this trip to Cincinnati marks the end of a LONG journey! It took us by total surprise! SO many wonderful things have come from Preston being trached and it also brought a lot of heart ache, stress, questioning, and anger at times. I wouldn't trade any of it for the GOOD that came from it.

The highlight will be posting pics of my little man's NAKED NECK and a video of his decannulation!
Thank you thank you thank you to each and everyone of you for sticking by our side! The t-shirt pictures have been my favorite part of the end to this journey- SO FUN seeing everyone wear them to support us. Preston will be sporting his tomorrow for obvious reasons! ;-)

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