Friday, September 12, 2014

Home, Happy, and Healthy

We are HOME and settled already for the most part. The flight home was a bit of a mess but that is a thing of the past. Let's just say due to weather and a flight delay, I ran a 5K with a stroller thru Ohare to make my connecting flight at 10pm at night. FUN TIME! Tim has been nominated to fly Preston out for his follow up scope in approx 6 weeks. I am D.O.N.E. with traveling for awhile. :)

My mom brought Reid over to the house yesterday to see Preston and get settled back home. Well, I am sure if i had recorded it, it wouldn't have played out the way it did. Reid took one look at Preston as soon as he got out of his carseat in the driveway and said "Hi Brudder!" Preston in his scratchy whispery voice said "Hiiiiiiiii" with big smiles and Reid yelped and said "I HEAR HIM MOMMY! HE TALKED TO ME!" and then he looked at Preston and said "I MISSED YOU BRUDDER." My mom, Jess, and I all started to cry. Reid has since been telling EVERYONE who comes over or while we are out running errands, "Brudder's trach is out and he talks to me now!"  My heart is forever 1/2 melted away! ;) 

Preston's closet and our whole house has been stripped of supplies (they are packaged up and ready to donate to my good friend Kelley for her little girl Kaydence). We are keeping the pulosx and nebulizer since we own them. Will be good to have for the future. My stroller, car, and his nursery are ambu bag FREE. I have never been happier to clean and weed out drawers, shelves, and closets! 

Today was the first time in 2 1/2 years I went to a gym and took the boys to the kids play room while I did a pilates class. I can't even describe the feeling. Our drop off at Preschool on Oct 6th is next on the list!

Tonight is our last night shift for Preston and Amy is coming at 5pm to spend the whole evening with P while we take Reid out for pizza to spend alone time with him. It will be bittersweet. He still gets nursing care for the next 10 days and we plan to pull the g-tube out once he has his follow up scope. 

LIFE IS GOOD! We are ready to find a new routine with transitioning Jessica from day nurse to nanny, preschool 4 days a week in the a.m. and diving head first into speech for Preston once school starts. They get to be part of the Blue Valley preschool program (Reid will be  peer model) where an OT, PT, and speech therapist will be in their classroom DAILY so I pray Preston's speech starts exploding! Its already off to a great start. He has a VERY quiet voice and its a bit raspy but that will improve a little. I will take any noise - he LOVES hearing himself! 

THANK YOU AGAIN to all of our family and friends who have loved us unconditionally, supported every decision we had to make, and celebrated this new start with us! Can't wait for our big party coming up! We are so fortunate! 

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