Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cranky pants and HME's for Diego

How is Preston doing you ask? Well, the picture below describes his mood quite well. If you know P well, you know he is always happy and easy going. However, he doesn't seem to be in the mood these days to be messed with. I guess somehow he thinks if he puts his blanket over his head, he won't be seen. LOL He has been a good sport with lots of walks, shopping in the really nice mall by our hotel room (the rain ruined plans to do the zoo or aquarium or butterfly exhibit. He really enjoyed spending one-on-one time with Tim yesterday while i went to KY. Preston is still really juicy and needs lots of suctioning- nights are far worse than days. He still is on and off with his eating but as long as we stay on top of his meds, he is tolerating everything fine. Ready to get home early Friday morning and see brother. He asks for Reid and I know he misses his side kick. I got a video today of Reid singing Twinkle Twinkle for the 1st time and i couldn't stop smiling. He is so loved and having a blast this week playing with dear friends and getting spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa Walker while my folks are out of town. 
Tim and I almost peed our pants when we realized he was like this 1/2 way thru shopping! I am sure we looked like parents of the year! LOL

EXCITING update about Diego (see my post called The American Dream for the full story). About 1 hour after my post I got a text from my friend Heather. Her little girl has a trache too but she is capped so no longer needs HME's aka noses. She asked for our address saying she has a WHOLE BOX of hme's for Diego! I about cried! I immediately contacted Diego's mom via fb and she was speechless. Heather OVERNIGHTED the box to us yesterday and I got it at 12noon today. We are headed to RMH after Preston wakes up from his nap to deliver this precious cargo to this family! Everytime I see an HME, i will think of Diego in Mexico! Thank you Heather for being an angel in disguise! I have also received several inquiries about how to help this family more. Pretty awesome! 

WE GOT THE BOX OF HME'S!!!!!! I was pumped!! Thank you Heather for this gift!!!

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