Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fly home? Not sure.....

I am keeping this short and sweet. Wish it was filled with better news. Preston is not eating and aspirating on everything he tries to eat. We are taking him into clinic tomorrow. Its been a LOOOOOOONG week. He is getting all nutrition via g-tube. He was doing great and now not so good. We are tired and the suctioning is constant still. The plan is to fly home at 7am on Friday. God I hope we can get home and the dr doesn't want us to stay. Prayers are appreciated. To say we are ITCHING to get home, sleep in our own bed, and love on our other little man is an understatement. I called to talk to him today and he said, "Mommy come home!" I am working on it buddy, trust me! Thanks to my sweet friends for texting and messaging me loving and supportive messages.

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