Friday, June 6, 2014

Day 2 recovery

This recovery stinks! Preston has been miserable. We were planning on being inpatient for just 1 night but we are here for night #2. He just can't turn the corner as quickly as they would like for him to. Thank goodness for his g-tube to push fluids through so he stays hydrated. We are staying on top of the pain meds which seems to be helping a lot! Lots of drooling still. Nose running is calming down. Tim stayed last night at the hospital and got a total of 30 minutes of sleep all night. I came this morning and stayed all day while Tim slept at the RMH. Preston is always our happy guy so to see him grumpy and in pain stinks. 

The weather here is simply gorgeous. Hoping to enjoy it this weekend with lots of walks and runs while Preston comes along for the ride and rests. We found out today another family we met last summer has been here since we left last August- their little girl who is 5 has been inpatient for 300 days. She has had every side effect from a transplant you can think of. Almost lost her twice. They are from New York (the same little town Tim's family is from) and they have watched their 8 year old son grow up this past year via video and a hand full of visits. I have been missing Reid but knowing i get to be back home a week is not so bad after all. Makes our 2nd night in the hospital seem like no big deal. Perspective is a wonderful thing! I am praying hard for that sweet family who has it much more difficult right now. 

THANK YOU to everyone who has ordered shirts! I am astounded by your support and excitement for them. Can't wait for August 5th!!!

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