Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 3 and 4 recovery

We are discharged from the hospital, checked out of our 'short stay' room at RMH and now have a hotel room till next weekend. Preston is doing so-so. He seems to be at his best with a full tummy of liquids/food/medicine. Makes sense. Nights are terrible. He needs constant suctioning… every 15-30 minutes. Makes for little sleep for everyone. Hopefully tonight goes much better. We need good rest.  We have been g-tubing Pedialite to keep P hydrated and we did a can of Pediasure today- he was refusing to eat all together. Now he is much happier and had some grilled cheese and apple juice. Hopefully that continues. Glad we are in town a little longer incase he doesn't improve but I am believing he is on the upswing for sure! 

On a more fun note, I get to leave tomorrow afternoon for Kentucky to do an MK Beauty Bash event in the evening with several of my consultants. I can't wait!! They are only 2 hrs from where we are staying so I wanted to be sure and take a little trip to do an event with them. Will be a nice change of pace and I am so lucky to have MK be incorporated in the 'traveling portion' of this journey we are on. 

It has been really nice weather (in the 70's) so we have been walking lots. Preston loves his walks so this is nice! We are also near a very nice mall for when the rain hits. Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend!! 
Loving his walks! 

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