Sunday, June 8, 2014

The American Dream

Can you imagine spending 3 years saving up $27,000 so your son could be seen by Dr Rutter (Preston's ENT) and receive 4 procedures that are necessary for his trache to be removed and facial abnormalities to be fixed??? I can't return home without sharing the story of an incredible family we just met last night at RMH who did just that. They are from Veracruz Mexico and the mom (who i talked to) is one of the most GRATEFUL human beings I have ever met. She told me this was her ultimate DREAM for her son to be seen in the U.S. (she has never been here before) and this trip is their DREAM COME TRUE. They have sacrificed in ways some of us would never think is possible and her little boy, Diego, is beyond smart and sweet. He took to Preston right away and even put his arm around him when I asked the boys to pose for a picture together. His face just devastated me when I think of all the pain he will go thru for future surgeries. She said so many people look at him and just shy away because he is so deformed yet he is the kindest little boy and so very tender and sweet. :( She was telling me how the RMH is like a total dream to them and the hospital does not even seem real to them. They can't believe they get their own bathroom in the room at RMH and have access to food that is for everyone. She can't believe that nobody steals their belongings if they leave them at the table in the cafeteria (when they get up to get silverware or a drink). She said the supplies for Diego for his trache are too expensive to purchase so they go without certain things (like the HME Preston wears on his trache for humidity). Really??? She was given 2 from the hospital yesterday and is 'saving them' for a time when he desperately need it. Ugh! I just wanted to give her the rest of our stash so badly. Preston gets a new trache changed (by me and Jess) 1x a week- Diego gets his changed by the hospital every 6 weeks. I wish so badly I could do more for them. I have never been so HUMBLED to be an American until I talked to this mom. I would like to believe that moments like meeting this mom and hearing her story are reminders from God that no matter how rough the road seems, it is always worse for someone else and I need to be thankful and grateful and focus on the positives. Here is a precious picture of the boys playing last night in the game room. May God continue to bless this family! I am forever touched by them! 
Diego and Preston playing together in the game room

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