Thursday, February 14, 2013

Getting Stronger and Alot to Learn

I remember this picture being taken and when I saw it, Preston looked SO GOOD to me! It was my ray of hope I had needed for a long time! He was so tiny and frail but such a fighter!!!
We were told many trache babies don't want to eat by mouth but Preston was EAGER for his bottle and milk right away! I didn't realize what a blessing this was until now. Kylie, from the amazing KU feeding team, showing us different feeding positions and helping Preston learn a new sucking pattern.

We opted for the feeding tube (which later became his Mickey button) and so glad we did! It helped him gain wait beautifully and now we don't use it at all. Yay!

Another typical day at the hospital....holding my peanut after laying in his bed for SO LONG! I still remember this day like it was yesterday. It was the first time I learned how to suction him. Tim and I had the respiratory therapist show us and practice a few times each day till he was released.

This pic was taken the weekend we roomed in to care for him 24/7 on our own. We were learning how to use his humidity machine and how important his HME (the white cyclinder that attaches to his trache) is for day time humidity. LOTS to learn but we did it! :) He was SO ready to go home and so HAPPY!

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