Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow much fun!

We are on snow day #3 (2 days last week and now tomorrow) and the boys are getting VERY attached to Tim. I love that he his home so much and enjoying this time as a family. We were nurse-free for 4 days straight and it was a wonderful glimpse of the near future. I think God is trying to prepare us. I truly do! I know that sounds cheesy in a way but I see so many little signs that point toward P's decannulation. We leave in exactly 1 week from today for Cincinnati and I have such a sense of peace about this trip. I was a bundle of nerves a few days ago and now all of a sudden, I feel as though Dr Rutter is going to confirm what Dr Smith saw and recommend the same projected date for surgery. We shall see! I am a bit guarded and prepared for the worst (not trying to be negative) since nothing has gone as planned with Preston from the start. But i am trying to be positive and hoping this is finally our turn for GOOD NEWS! :) Until then, I am soaking up these snow days with all 3 of my boys and cherishing our down time before traveling starts.

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