Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Good-bye comes with a big change

We said good-bye today to one of our 2 main day nurses, Amber, and I am gearing up for a big change. Amber is starting a new job at Children's as a night nurse and I am SO happy for her! She deserves this so much. She has a little boy 2 months younger than the boys and from the moment she stepped into our home and met Preston, she fit right in. It was as if she had been here from the start. Unfortunately she has only been here for a month and 1/2. :( She has also become a great friend and we had alot of fun discussing our boys and mommy hood together. She also kept my house in amazing was always spotless, stuffed my cloth diapers, and did alot for Reid too! See why I will miss her so much? Good thing Jessica is the same way and has become a great friend too. Sometimes we have TOO much fun! LOL Amber replaced our other main day nurse that Preston had for about 8 months. Since Preston came home we have had Jessica and Tessie as his 2 day nurses. Once Preston got big and mobile, Tessie felt he was a bit much for her to handle since she was only used to infants. She was wonderful and we understood. It was time! So we began praying and searching for a 2nd day nurse. Then Amber came over to meet Preston and she was a fit! She was the first one we interviewed and it was an answer to prayer for sure. I wish we could have her with Preston till decannulation but knowing it could be very soon, I am staying positive!

So Tim and I were weighing all of our options and trying to decide if it was worth interviewing new nurses to cover Wed and Fri's and then Jessica surprised me with the news that she will do Friday's for us too until he is decannulated (assuming that will be early summer). I almost did a cartwheel. Then it leaves Wed open and I wasn't sure if it was worth the work of finding someone or staying home with the boys myself and not having any nursing care that day. I thought ALOT about this.....makes me so nervous since mornings can be hectic with the extra things P needs (suctioning, trache care, g-tube care, breathing treatments etc) along with normal morning activities. I have decided to go for it and stay home full time on Wed's with the boys! I have never had both of them all day to myself but I honestly can't wait. Hard to believe they are 15 months old and I will be experiencing TRUE twin motherhood for the first time next Wednesday! Once he is decannulated, I know it will be even easier and that excites me so much! I will be able to have my babysitter for Reid (she basically helps me with Preston too which is awesome....suctions him and everything) come over for a few hours if a certain week is really busy which is a wonderful feeling.

I would prefer Jessica full time but she has other clients on Wed and and that is not fair to them for us to get her full time. Having her on Friday's is such a bonus! Plus, i feel like this is God's way of preparing me for the near future. I need to be weaned from all of the help I receive LOL Sounds crazy but I have been BLESSED with a tremendous amount of help and Jessica goes above and beyond. She is amazing with Preston and she has been so helpful with parenting suggestions as the boys have reached new milestones. It warms my heart to see both of the boys reach out to her in the mornings to get their snuggles and see how much they love her. We all love her. I would have never imagined our life as we know it but would not change it for anything. Here's to a new chapter in our life and wish me luck next week! I am sure the boys will be in jammies all day, i will be in the same sweats going to bed that I woke up in, and I will be excited to see Tim's face walk thru the door more than ever for some adult conversation! :)

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