Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Birthday

11/18/11 Happy Birthday to my first born Reid Thomas Walker 8:00am 4lbs 5 oz 17inches
11/18/11 Happy Birthday to my second born Preston Timothy Walker 8:03am 4lbs 8oz 17 1/2 inches
1st picture together
Kissies to my Reidy

1st picture together
Kissies to my P

   Unfortunately during delivery I lost a significant amount of blood and was super sick. I didn't even feel good enough to see my babies in the NICU till late that night and I don't even remember it :(. The very next day it was decided that I have a blood transfusion. I felt much better and this helped a ton. Tim took this picture while I was sleeping and receiving my blood transfusion.

We celebrated the boys FIRST THANKSGIVING in the NICU and then went to our family dinner later that night with both sides of our family together. The NICU hosted a full Turkey dinner for all of the families and it was wonderful. We really appreciated the hospitality and the delicious food. 

Happy 1st Thanksgiving with Reid

Happy 1st Thanksgiving with Preston
Reid 1 week old (they have on their zero month milestone sticker)
Preston 1 week old