Friday, February 8, 2013

Preston's Story Part II

The response to Preston's story has been overwhelming to me. The support and outpouring of love is humbling! Many friends and family have asked what Preston specifically didn't tolerate when put under on the operating table. I guess I never really said what exactly happened to him that caused Dr Andrews to perform a Tracheotomy. I am happy to share! Preston had a laryngospasm once he was sedated. This means his vocal cords clamped shut which is normally easily reversed or opened and in his case, they remained closed and tight. Dr Andrews tried to intubate him and couldn't get the tube down his throat due to it being closed and very tight. The only option was a tracheotomy so he could have a secure airway to breathe. I never really understood all of this till months later when my mind was no longer foggy and I was able to learn the series of events from Dr Andrews himself at a follow up dr appt for Preston. He shared with us that once Preston was being resuscitated and he was performing the tracheotomy at the same time (and searching frantically for his airway amidst all of the blood surrounding the emergent incision) he saw Preston take 1 breath and the blood bubbled and that was his indicator that he had found P's airway! It was at that very moment in the dr office hearing these series of events that I FULLY realized that Preston is a total MIRACLE and God was watching over him that day and guiding Dr Andrews in order to save his little life. Not a day goes by that I don't think about this. I started to view Preston's suction machine, his 'larger than life' ugly oxygen tank in his nursery next to his crib, daily trache care, coughing episodes requiring constant suctioning etc to be a BLESSING rather than a BURDEN! All of these things mean he MADE IT and is ALIVE! As hard as it was to hear this from Dr Andrews (and unexpectedly i might add) it was just what I needed to hear to pull me out of the negative mind set I have been in with all of the things we deal with regarding Preston's trache. It put everything in perspective that day. Next up will be pictures........stay tuned! :)