Saturday, June 29, 2013

Better day for everyone!

Tim and I both got great sleep last night. Yay! I went back to the hotel room and Tim slept with Preston. I married a wonderful man who insists I get rest and drove me back to the hotel to sleep. The Tim only got up ONCE for P last night so EVERYONE slept great! I am happy to report P is out of the O.R. He has a new trach that is longer by 5 mm and this is going to make all the difference in the world for him. Hopefully this means he can come off his oxygen and will be able to cough up his secretions better too. His breathing treatments should be much more effective too! He did spike a fever and they cultured some cloudy secretions while he was under. Praying nothing is growing and he doesn't have any infections. He is already on an antibiotic but they want to be cautious! Dr didn't seemed concerned at all. I know today is going to be a GREAT day! Amazing how perspective changes with sleep! I am going to make sure Tim and i take a little bit of time today to step outside and just feel the sun. Still no room at RMH but I bet we will get in next week for sure! We also have exact dates for Preston's stint removal and follow up broch. July 23rd is stint removal and July 29th is bronch and then hopefully HOME. :) Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!

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