Saturday, June 29, 2013

Post Surgery Day 3 God is good, God is great, let us thank Him for Graeters!

Compared to yesterday, today has been great! I love the weekends at the hospital because it is quiet and alot of patients are getting discharged. There is not hustle and bustle like the weekdays bring. P is getting used to his new trach he received in his O.R. visit today although he has been super super juicy. His IV situation is better. He just seemed like he was in a fussy funk all day unless he was sleeping (which he did a lot of today). He wanted to be held a TON yesterday and all he wanted was to lay and snuggle in his crib today. I know he went back to the O.R. this morning and the anesthesia can cause him to feel cloudy but normally a few hours afterwards, he is usually more himself. I could tell it wasn't surgery pain because he wasn't fussy like he is when he is in pain. So we just enjoyed a day full of snuggles, naps, and a bazillion Thomas episodes. The big highlight of the day was ordering a pizza for dinner from a tasty place called LaRosa's. I am up to my eye balls with the cafeteria salad bar (which is great and has a lot of options and I am glad i can eat healthy every day but it's Saturday night and we thought it sounded great). Our day nurse who we have had several times and love kept telling us how delicious it is and she was certainly right! What is it about a good pizza? Just hit the spot tonight for sure! Then we thought Graeters Ice Cream sounded good! If we are going to splurge on pizza, a little ice cream can't do much more harm, right? :) So P was dozing off and our day nurse said,  "You two go grab some ice cream while he is sleeping before we do shift change." It hadn't even occurred to us to BOTH leave but we thought, SOUNDS GREAT!!! I was nervous leaving in hope's Preston wouldn't wake up and start crying like he has been today on and off but I also knew we needed some fresh air and 15 min away would do us some good. Well, we found out why he was just not himself today. We got back and walked in his room and it smelled SO BAD! He had a HUGE HUGE blow out while we were gone!! Our nurse was thrilled he finally pooped! LOL I felt awful we left and he decides to finally poop and they had to clean him was up his back, on his blankee and his sheets, and on his pulsox cord. Tim and I both looked at each other and started laughing because secretly, we were kinda glad we missed the mess! Is that bad to admit? Just this one time it was nice to not have to mess with the poop being everywhere. Plus, Preston loves our day nurse so i know he was just fine being awake even though we were gone. Glad we ended the night on a laughing note rather than an evening filled with tears like last night. Laughter is such good medicine in times like these! I am thankful Preston is now sleeping with a belly that no longer hurts him. Here's to night #2 of good sleep and praying tomorrow is uneventful. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

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