Sunday, June 30, 2013

Post Surgery Day 4

After 3 days of IV issues on top of the other issues occurring, Preston got a picc line tonight. He did awesome.......just numbing cream on his arm and it went in perfectly! AMEN! I really feel like it was the start of great things to come from here on out. We were grateful the picc team was in house today since it is Sunday. We thought it wouldn't be possible to do a picc line. This will make for no more sticks and I am thrilled! He has been through enough. His coughing and weezing has gotten much better as the day continued. He has ZERO energy. Layed in bed almost all day and snoozed on and off.  Caught another nap with Dada in his crib again. :) I got a slight smile tonight but its a wimpy one! I know he is going to turn the corner once all of these antibiotics start to do the trick. He is just worn out from coughing. Tomorrow we will find out the results of his cultures and change antibiotics accordingly if need be. I am hopeful we are on the upswing with catching this sickness EARLY! He will also get new trach ties tomorrow and hopefully a new trach. Rounds tomorrow morning will be filled with A LOT of info and Tim and I have some pretty specific requests. I look back on the first time he was trached and how clueless we were. Sure feels good to know what our child needs, tolerates best and how he responds to certain meds etc. My folks arrive Tuesday evening and I can't wait to see them. It will be wonderful to have them here for us and for Preston. Still no room at RMH. They said to keep checking in daily because they anticipate more discharges in the coming days.

We are also enjoying the daily pictures we get of Reid and his adventures. He spent the day at my sister's playing with his cousins. My mom stayed and played with all 3 grandkids while my sister shopped for Will's 5th b-day supplies. He is in LOVE with dogs and their dog, Maggie, is 4x his size so he had so much fun signing doggie all day and watching her. He took a great 3 hour nap at her house (thanks Jamie for the awesome loan of your pack n play....its been a lifesaver). Everyone is loving on him and I know he is so happy! That doesn't make us miss him less, it just makes us feel better about being away from him for so long. My mother in law sent me a picture of him in the grocery cart tonight shopping with her. He had the list and pen in hand and he looked so focused. It was funny!

Anxious for a great week and discharge once he is 110% healthy!!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I wish I could express how much it means to us having you check in on us and keep us in your thoughts and prayers. This has been tougher than we anticipated but I believe it can only get easier from here. :)

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