Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello Cincinnati......Home away from Home!

We are HERE! I just love Cincinnati and the view of downtown. The city famous for Graeters Ice Cream and Gold Style Chili. I am down with trying some famous Ice Cream for sure! I can pass on the Chili till Fall! None the less, we are HERE and it feels GREAT! Flights were smooth and I was grateful our day nurse Jessica came with me for the day. What a tremendous amount of HELP! Plus, all we do is laugh. She is such a dear friend and we had fun with people watching and looking like a bunch of bag ladies with all of the stuff we hauled on the plane. She is headed back home as I type this. Tim's drive was great....he left at 4:45am and made great time! We are unpacked 1/2 way. Our 'home' for the next week or so is Hampton Inn in Covington KY (across the bridge) from the hospital. RMH is full :( Hopefully a room will open up soon and I will be glad we didn't 100% unpack b/c that will be a pain to repack up again. Tomorrow is a free day for us with nothing planned other than a hospital tour at 5pm. We plan to get out and do a few fun things just the three of us to see some of the city before we are held captive for 2 weeks at CCH! P's surgery is at 11am on Wed and we arrive at 9am to check in. My parents arrive next week and I can hardly wait. I forgot to mention that we took some time to see Churchill Downs today once Tim met me at the airport. It was very cool and fun to go and get pics and actually see where the Kentucky Derby takes place! 

On a closing note, we had the pleasure and joy of experiencing Preston pulling his trache out tonight while putting him to bed in his pack n play. Tim and I heard his gasping for air and sure enough, he was able to pull on his trach ties just enough to wiggle his trach out of his stoma and then couldn't breathe. WHAT A TURKEY!!!!!!!!! Not something I wanted to experience. The good news is he is now fast asleep and I am proofing their 18 month photo shoot pics to unwind that we had taken last week. I just can't believe how fast time is flying. When I see the pics of the boys our photographer took, I can't help but tear up at the thought of our next photo session being one that will capture Preston WITHOUT his trach. VERY exciting!! Certainly a thought I am glad to end my night with! 

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