Sunday, June 30, 2013

It wasn't the poop :(

I can't believe I am posting a new message and naming it 'it wasn't the poop' but that is better than 'Preston has pneumonia.' Yep, the reason for his constant fatigue, fever, incessant coughing/suctioning yesterday is because he has pneumonia. Right after I posted on our blog and laughing about the poop, he took a turn for the worst last night. They did a chest x-ray late last night and did a blood culture. After the Dr came to see him and saw how miserable he was, she also decided to add another antibiotic to his list of meds and cranked up the dosage to really knock this out if it isn't viral. We should find out today. We are doing Q4 breathing treatments and hoping we all can get some rest today. We were up all night and basically suctioned him several times every 30 minutes. :( He just is miserable and my heart aches for him. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. I talked to another mom this morning in the coffee room and she said they had about a 10 day wait to get in to RMH. Today makes it day 8 for us so I remain hopeful that we will get in this week!

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