Thursday, June 27, 2013

Post Surgery Day 1

Today has had its ups and downs. Mostly UPS so I will start with the GREAT news first! We are out of the ICU and now in the Complex Airway Unit which is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and solidified that we made the right decision coming to this hospital. Preston has 2 nurses all to himself and this wing specializes in nothing but airway issues! So its a specialty unit and they are giving him fantastic care. They have a double pull out couch so Tim and I can both stay here till he is released if we want to. They have a laundry room and provide soap/dryer sheets. There is a full shower/sink/toilet in his room for us to use. It isn't the Beverly Hills Hotel by any means but it is more than what we expected in this wing so it sure is nice! 

Preston was able to FINALLY fall asleep and stay asleep around 11am today. We thought it was due to pain from his surgery but in fact it was his poor bladder that needed to be emptied and his cath had a block in it. Once they took the cath out and did a quick in and out cath, he was no longer feeling so FULL. :( It was immediate relief and he has been asleep most of the day and evening since then. I was also able to get my first snuggle in tonight with him. I decided to take a necessary shower :) and when I got out, Tim and I saw he rolled over/sat up in a state of confusion and was crying so I scooped him up carefully (that right rib cage area is so tender and I don't want to cause him any pain). He snuggled right in and fell asleep on my lap. A moment I couldn't wait for! I just want to make him feel better in every way possible!!! 

Tonight will be a quieter one for my boys I hope. We are all bunking in P's room together. Wish us luck! We are certainly spending LOTS of time together and Tim and I are doing a good job of not killing each other! *wink wink* No, really we are glad to have each other and I can't imagine doing this without him. But I would be lying if i said that leaving the room to grab a drink etc wasn't a nice break during the day! :) I think its also safe to say that we have officially transitioned over to EST. Kinda weird but i guess we better get used to it. I also talked to the RMH and they said we are CLOSE to getting in! Hooray! :) Tomorrow we see the feeding team and speech for P and I am hopeful that will go well. They started continuous feeds thru his g-tube for nutrition today which is great. They will also remove the drain tube in his chest tomorrow too! I know he will be more awake tomorrow so I just pray he remains comfortable and can transition easily to the next step in recovery. 

I hope everyone is doing GREAT! Please enjoy the pool, outdoor activities and get some sun for me. :) I am looking quite tan thanks to a bottle rather than the pool. LOL If I am going to be stuck inside this long, I might as well feel good about having some color, right?? :) Lastly, A shout out to all of my mk peeps (consultants and Directors)....I am thinking of you constantly and praying for each of you as you wrap up your personal and unit goals. I sure miss each of you and can't wait to hear how everyone finishes!!!!  

More tomorrow! Thanks for checking in and sharing this journey with us! 

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