Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A day I never thought would come!

There was a time when we thought Preston would never take his whole bottle. He was so eager for it (sometimes) but would tire out quickly and then we had to g-tube the remainder. It was frustrating but we finally got him to take the full amount. Then he started having a love affair with his bottles and you couldn't give it to him quickly enough and he wouldn't let it go. He LOVED his bottle! I knew once the boys turned a year old, i wanted to wean them to a sippy cup and Reid had no issues. Preston on the other hand wouldn't give it up. I tried EVERY kind you can imagine (or so i thought). So I decided not to fight it and we let him stay on it. He would play with Reid's sippy but it seemed as if he didn't know how to suck the sippy to get the milk out. He learned how to do a straw sippy cup but even that was tricky. We went to my in-laws recently for dinner and forgot their straw sippy cups for water at dinner time. So i decided to try the sippy cup they keep at their house for Reid and Preston took right to it. I was shocked. It is the ONE cup i never tried with him. The nipple on the lid is shaped differently just enough to where it worked for him to suck and he loved it. I thought it was a fluke. So we took it home and tried it with milk the next day and he did great. So, I packed up his bottles and we are DONE with them for good! A day I never thought would come! When I think back to all of his feeding issues and serious concern everyone placed on them, I just can't help but smile ear to ear in regards to ditching his bottles! He is such a little stud! :) This will also make traveling to Cincinnati in a few weeks much easier!!! 13 days till we leave.....I am not counting or anything!!!! :)

We are also celebrating another milestone for Mr P! Today, he graduated from OT and will only have speech from now on and will receive weekly services once his trache is out to help him talk and communicate at 100%. Hard to believe a year ago today we were having our Infant Toddler mtg to set up services for P and made his goals and weekly visits for OT services and speech. It seemed so overwhelming! Now we are moving right along with nothing abnormal about his development! He is such a little miracle. I'm a proud mama today! :) I also owe so much of his development to our amazing day nurse Jessica who works diligently with him everyday to reach these milestones! Thanks Jess!! What a great day! 

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