Thursday, March 21, 2013

May 7th

Hi friends!
I am overwhelmed by the inquiries about Preston today! WOW we sure have amazing support. Everyone has been praying for him. THANK YOU! I will be updating more frequently thru this blog until Preston comes home. He is doing a little better. He is off oxygen and they are finally able to space out his breathing treatments from every 2 hours to every 3 and we will see how he responds to these. Oral steroids seem to be helping too! Still not wanting to eat or drink ANYTHING so once again, we are grateful we have his mickey button for feeds and fluids. G-tubing milk and pedialyte is not the direction i wanted to see him go but this is temporary and it helps him avoid an iv for fluids and ng tube for milk so that is GREAT! We started tylenol last night since we think his throat is raw and sore from the constant suctioning and caughing. Hoping this helps food and milk go down easier once he starts taking everything by mouth again. THANK YOU for your prayers and thoughts! We have been blessed by wonderful friends bringing meals to the house and offering to watch Reid. Our family has brought us Starbucks and Panera since we can't seem to step away to the cafeteria for food as Mr P is VERY VERY VERY clingy and hooked up to a million machines so we can't take him on a field trip to go with us! THANK YOU for the generosity! We are BEYOND appreciative! He is scared to death of anyone who comes in his room besides me or Tim. Poor guy! Looks like Preston will be staying in the PICU till his treatments go to every 4 hours and then talk of transferring to PEDS unit will take place. The nice thing about that is there is a shower for us in those rooms and more space. Right now we are playing tag to go home and shower and get clean clothes. A shout out to the MOST AMAZING FATHER AND HUSBAND on the planet! Tim has been with Preston overnight since admitted so i can go home and sleep in our bed and get GOOD rest to get rid of my bronchitis. He is so hands on with Preston and all of his needs (and has been since Day 1 when I was nursing Reid and taking care of him etc). Tim and Preston have quite the bond and it makes my heart so FULL to see them so close! Tim was born to be a father for sure and I don't find it to be a coincidence that he fathers a special needs son. Totally his calling! I love how God works in our lives so appropriately! One final note: Preston has mastered signing Mama and Dada while in the hospital and it has been so fun to see him sign for us! Yay P! :)

I am on my knees (literally) praying for May 7th to be our LUCKY date for Cincinnati since that is our new surgery date! They would not see Preston any sooner due to his current health status and I am glad they are taking all precautions even though I would LOVE to get there sooner. Flu season will be over and germs will be less risky and it will be a better time for Tim to be gone from school so I am feeling good about this. I am booking airline tickets today and from what I see, the flights aren't nearly as convenient as the past 2 times we have booked flights. Changing planes and long lay overs but I will take it. It will be an adventure for sure!
More updates later! 

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