Monday, March 4, 2013

Re-booked and ready!!!

Already have a new surgery date and it's only 3 weeks away! March 27th can't get here soon enough! Next date wasn't till mid April. Flights already re-booked (not as great of a flight schedule as before and we have to change planes coming home but I will take it) and Preston is eating and drinking and playing for the 1st time in 3 days. We are on the MEND. Hooray! Also amazed at what a great night sleep can do for the mind and spirit! Here's to a GREAT week and thank you for the kind thoughts and messages friends! They mean so much!!! I should have taken a picture of my house after a morning with just me and the boys (no nurse or sitter) and I was on the phone rescheduling with the O.R., rebooking flights, rescheduling Ronald McDonald House, and calling Tim a million times at work to make sure I was picking the right dates with his work agenda. All while the boys were eating breakfast, Reid was hitting Preston with his sippy cup in the head over and over, and food was flying everywhere. LOL The boys were LOVING the freedom and thank goodness my house got cleaned today! :) Boys are napping and this mama is going to shower and do the happy dance that God truly has this trip in His hands and not mine! What a relief!

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