Saturday, March 23, 2013

Playing it safe

We just found out we will be here at least till Monday. Preston is doing much better but he still can't seem to tolerate us spacing out his breathing treatments from every 4 hours. He is still weezing a ton :( As much as we would LOVE to bust out of here, we are glad the dr's are taking it SLOW with his recovery and playing it safe. We don't want to end up back here and would rather take things slow. He is eating like a horse. He may need some dieting retraining once we get home. French fries and buttery grilled cheese is not something I plan to serve him 3x a day everyday! LOL He does love his bananas and yogurt still. I am just glad he is eating so well. We are still g-tubing his milk but he is taking some by mouth too so that is a weaning process too! Thanks for the well wishes and prayers! Hopefully we will be home sooner than later! Hope everyone is having a great weekend and staying warm!!!!

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