Friday, March 22, 2013

Moving Day

From Tim
Today Mr. P is moving from the PICU to the General Peds Floor, which is the same floor and actually just on the other side of some doors. But he is moving none the less, which means closer to coming home. We thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers as he is on the mend. His breathing treatments need to be spaced to every six hours in order to be released. This can take as long as it needs, as we want to be sure he kicks this before he is paroled.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Reid is constantly looking for Preston and keeps going in his room and making noises for him. Lorna is doing a great job managing between the two locations. I feel for her. It has to be hard being torn between being home and being at the hospital. I know she is ready to have us all under 1 roof.

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