Monday, July 1, 2013

A new week bring GREAT things!

Today marks a week we have been in Cincinnati! It has been a GREAT day! It started with a much needed sponge bath for Preston. A new breathing treatment that is helping with managing his secretions. Smiles first thing this morning. I haven't seen a 'Preston smile' in a week....gosh it feels good to see my little man start acting like his old self. I can tell a significant difference in how he feels today compared to the last few days! We had speech come and work with him on eating. He took a few bites of food so that is a start. Not much napping today so he is crashed out for the night. He played with toys in his crib. His favorite is a NEW stuffed animal doggie (my boys are in love with doggies...and NO we are not getting one) from Momma and Papa Tolle (boys godparents). They also sent the cutest pj's I am dying for P to wear tomorrow! We received 6 gifts in the mail today at the hotel so that was a bright spot in our afternoon (which seemed to drag a bit today). Talk about feeling LOVED!! Being this far away and worrying every second about P, it sure was fun to have some goodies arrive and take our minds off why we are here. We read some new books the Bohle's sent and have some fun new coloring toys for tomorrow. Tim and I thoroughly enjoyed home baked goods from my bff. Who doesn't love banana choc chip bread and magic bars? I could name a whole list of goodies sent from her.....she is the ultimate Betty Crocker! :) We also got these hilarious mustache stickers in the mail from one of our best friends from college! We put one on Preston and he was not a fan. This pic is too funny to not share! 

My folks arrive tomorrow! Hooray! I can hardly wait to see them! My sister made a new recipe of peanut butter choc chip cookies from a health food website. I am anxious to try them since they are on the healthier side. THANKS SIS!!!!! It also just so happens (as my friend Vicki says...its not a coincidence....its a Godincidence) that our night nurse, Amy, has family in the area and is on vacation here so she is making a stop to see us tomorrow! She misses Preston SO much and we miss her SO much! She will get to have some alone time to snuggle P and give me and Tim the chance to go out to dinner with my folks. WHAT A GIFT and what are the chances she has family here!!!!! We realize how special this is under these circumstances. Preston is going to be SO EXCITED to see her and also have Grandpa and Grandma in town! The best double dose of medicine for sure!! :) I called RMH again today and still no rooms available! Will try back tomorrow! This is such a busy time with airway surgeries due to the season so we knew it would be pretty booked. Just hoped it wouldn't take this long.   I am ending this post with a great pic of my 2 boys from today. They were watching.......take a guess......THOMAS!!! LOL I don't know how I would survive this journey without Tim......he is such an amazing father and husband. Here's to another great day tomorrow! 

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