Thursday, August 8, 2013

2nd bronch results

I am starting to question if I will ever hear the phrase 'you can go home!' I am sorry for the delay in news from this morning's bronch. It has been an emotionally draining day. The news we got was a punch to the gut. :( Preston's airway is STILL swollen (not as bad as last week) so they dilated it again. There is concern that part of his posterior graft was lost due to his infection around the stitch of his stint but can't see well enough to confirm. They think it is still salvagable from what they COULD see. Still not able to say if the surgery was a complete 100% success. The Dr who did Preston's bronch this morning is a partner of Dr. Rutter's. She is fantastic. She called Dr. Rutter to discuss what she saw and the next step for P. Dr Rutter wants to bronch Preston on Monday himself (is out of town or he would have done it today) and see what is going on. There is POSSIBILITY of having the stint put back in his airway for many reasons (i won't bore you with them). I about cringed when she told me this. The amount of secretions this creates is nuts and suctioning is constant. Sleep at night is a joke and he won't eat by mouth with the stint in. The thought of going back to g-tube feeds makes me ill. We have worked so hard to get him eating so well now. Then I asked how long they would want to keep the stint in (knowing we would not be going home with the stint in his airway) and she said 1-2 months. Worst case 3 months. I have always stayed strong while consulting with the dr's post O.R. visits and then when Tim and I leave the room, I am able to let out my emotions. I couldn't hold back today. The tears started flowing. I am really disappointed. I was SO hopeful we would get great news today. My dad was with me thank goodness and I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. Tim feels terrible he is not here. He is exhausted. Our hearts break to watch Preston have to endure so many set backs. I miss Reid so much I can't even stand it. I am so ready for all 4 of us to be under one roof. The financial part of this journey is depressing. I don't know how families afford to be here for 1 year+. I miss customers and consultants have been so caring and supportive. I miss my girlfriends and sister more than I ever imagined. It has been almost 50 days of our family being separated. I feel as if my faith is being tested. I can't even imagine my parents not be here with me.......they have been angels in my life during this time. So, until Monday gets here for Preston's next bronch, my parents are keeping my spirits up and we are going to head to the zoo tomorrow and make the most of our weekend together. We are claiming the stint will not need to be put back in! WHO IS WITH ME??? I am blessed beyond belief to have 2 healthy retired parents who are willing to stay an entire month with me (or as long as need be) if that is what ends up being the case. Until then, I am believing we are only here another week! ;)

So, this is where I am begging (yes begging LOL) for ALL OF YOU to please please please join us in a few specific prayers for Monday's bronch! 
 Please pray for:
- Preston's airway to reduce in swelling and open up more for them to see the grafts
- no need for the stint to be placed (I am literally on my knees praying for this to be the case.....i am remaining hopeful this is just a 'worse case' scenario and won't need to happen).
- the grafts to look GREAT and assurance that his LTR surgery was a success

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT, LOVE, and PRAYERS! It is sustaining us more than you will ever know! 

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