Saturday, August 3, 2013

P's new toy

While we are all getting ready for another round of changes, P is busy playing with his new toy. His airway is obviously healing because he is trying new tricks with it. Most are comical, some are gross, but all are good signs. He likes to put his hand or finger in his trache to make little breathing sounds. He will push air hard out so it comes out his mouth or nose. Today during lunch, he was trying to blow snot rockets from his nose. He will look up and you can hear him take a big breath in through his mouth. I am afraid one day he will cough and then say something and scare himself. I hope I am there to see it. - Tim

Tim and I tag teamed our update this weekend. Kinda fun to each give our own perspective. We spent the day at the zoo on Friday and here is a picture of P waiting for the Cheetah show to start. Side note: Poor Preston is cutting more teeth among everything else so we are back to bibs. Strange seeing one on him after not using them for almost a year. Cincinnati Zoo is the only zoo in the country that has a live Cheetah run within a few feet from your seat. You get to see how fast these amazing cats really are and Preston LOVED it.

 We have received many inquiries about the RMH that we are staying at in regards to its size, accommodations, etc. Our next post will be filled with pictures of our HOME AWAY HOME for all to see! This place is amazing! Certainly not home but if we are going to living here for almost 2 months, this is the place to be! Now if it just had a salon so i could get my hair done and fly my hair girl in, that would make it perfect :) One can only wish of such a thing! Hope everyone is having a great week!

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