Tuesday, August 13, 2013


We are home! What a great renunion when we pulled into the driveway! I have not had a moment to write an update on the details Dr Rutter shared with us about Preston's airway and future with his trach. I was in a mad dash to get HOME once he gave us the GO! Now I am back to reality tomorrow with both boys to myself, Preston on g-tube feedings (that will be interesting as he watches Reid eat meals), and my house looks like a tornado struck. I am not going to lie, I am a bit overwhelmed with all that I need to do in order for our life to get back to 'normal' and for me to ease back into working my business. I am going to do nothing tomorrow but play and snuggle with the boys, go on our morning walk, and book our flights to head back to Cincy in 5 weeks. :/ Bittersweet on that last part. We will be there for 3 days (2 of which are pure travel) and then he will be inpatient the night of stint removal. We will fly back a week later for a bronch (just one day of travel) and then fly home that night after his bronch. Sept will be a BUSY travel month. That bronch a week following stint removal will be the most important bronch for him because it will tell us what the future holds for decannulation. We are trying to decide if my mom will travel with me so Tim doesn't have to take that much time off work in such a short amount of time. My dad would watch Reid for us. Everything is still up in the air! I have lots more to share but for now, I am itching to curl up in my own bed tonight. I am wiped! Grateful my family is under ONE roof tonight! We serve a mighty God! My heart is so full tonight it might burst! 

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