Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dada left, Grandma and Papa arrived, and we have 1 day left!

It was a sad morning saying goodbye to Tim. He is my rock in many ways (sounds corny but its true). Weird to think he isn't coming back until we come home to him. Went for an extra long walk which helped to break up the morning. Spent a long afternoon after P's nap with another mama and her kiddo blowing bubbles on the patio and talking. Its nice to have other mama's here for support and good laughs. Received some special mail with a few gifts that really brightened my day. THANK YOU Marcia and Ali! Your thoughtfulness means so much! Then my folks arrived tonight. HALLELUJAH!
What a wonderful feeling to have their help and support and company! Preston was in heaven showing off for them tonight and they arrived in time to join me for dinner which was really nice. We have 1 day to go until Preston's bronch. We will find out if his airway is less swollen, hopefully his Dr can see both grafts that will look GREAT, and he possibly could need another dilation. We MIGHT get the green light to head home but I am not counting on it but it is a possibility. I can still hope, right? Otherwise, we will be here another week for one last bronch and possible dilation. P is on the o.r. schedule for 8am and we arrive at 6:30am. I am thrilled he won't have to go 1/2 the day on an empty tummy. Can't wait to give you great news on Thursday after his bronch.

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