Friday, August 9, 2013

Wonderful unexpected phone call

Well, my phone rang this afternoon and I saw it was the hospital. I assumed it was same day surgery confirming P's arrival time for his bronch on Monday. To my surprise it was Dr Hart (who bronched P yesterday). She was calling to follow up with me after further discussion with Dr Rutter today regarding the next best step for Preston. She was probably making sure I was still emotionally stable after my reaction to her news in our post surgery mtg yesterday. LOL J/K I was really thankful she tolk the time to call me. This Otolaryngology team here at CCH is amazing. They always go one step above to ensure we are knowledgable about the 'next step.' Boy am I glad she called. She wanted me to know Dr Rutter would want to leave the stint in for 4-6 weeks if he decides to put it back in (thankful it's not longer than that since up to 3 months was a possibility). She knew I was devastated at the thought of being here for maybe 2-3 months at most. She has little one's and said she wants to ease my mind as much as possible. She did say the chance of it going back in are VERY high and even if the graft is lost and not salvageable, the stint will serve the same purpose as the graft in hopes to keep Preston from having the LTR surgery again. I didn't realize this....the thought of the graft being lost was an indicator to me that he would need the LTR surgery again and that would be devastating. Once I heard this, I was not so upset about the possibility of the stint being put back in. 

So here comes the good news. I asked her what the possibility of us going home with the stint in would be. I explained that we have a PHENOMENAL day and night nurse to help care for him and we would fly back for the stint removal. She said she understood my initial reservations about leaving here with the stint in due to all of the complications Preston has had but she said it is very reasonable to go home. Many patients are sent home with stints and many live just as far away from Cincinnati as we do. She is confident that Tim and I would come back asap if Preston had any major problems but we know what to look for and we are much more knowledgeable this time around. We need to talk to Dr Rutter about all of this and nothing is final of course. Just trying to think of a way to make life a little easier while Preston's airway continues to heal. We don't even know if the stint is being placed back in his airway on Monday. I am just mentally preparing myself for that so I am not disappointed. She recommended to have my bags packed for an overnight stay inpatient incase Dr Rutter decides to move forward with the stint placement. It will just be for one night which is good. I forgot to ask when we would be able to head home if we are able to so I will find out more on Monday. I have a list of questions. P and I had a great day today with my folks. We went to our favorite shopping center today and will hit the zoo tomorrow instead. It was really humid and P doesn't tolerate humidity well so we skipped the zoo for today! Preston took his best nap here yet. 3 1/2 hours and he was really rested. Yesterday took it out of him big time. My parents took me to my favorite restaurant tonight that happens to be in Cincinnati too....J. Alexanders. It was so nice to go out to eat and Preston loved the change of scenery. My mom capped off the day by giving me a pedicure. I am feeling encouraged and I would like to think I am prepared for ANYTHING that comes our way on Monday! I feel that I am starting to always be the bearer of bad news so I am glad to share some encouraging news with all of you. Best phone call I have received in awhile! :)

Tim dropped Reid off at my sister's today on his way to work. He spent the day with my sister and his cousins. Auntie took the kids to the mall to play b/c the weather stinks and he slept for 3 1/2 hours at her house today too! She said he was an angel and I am so happy he naps so great for her. Really makes this mama happy to hear of great days like this for my little man! I know my sister loves Reid more than she can say. He is a lucky little boy to have her! :) Tim is having a fraternity brother over tonight for dinner and cold beers and I am sure Reid will love having a new person to show off for. Tim plans to hit the zoo with Reid tomorrow and then go to his folks for the evening. I am so glad everything at home is going so well. What a blessing! Puts my mind at ease for sure! I hope this update finds everyone having a fantastic start to this weekend. :)

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