Thursday, August 1, 2013

Settled back in!

Thank you so much for everyone's positivity and encouragement. We appreciate it!! A good night sleep always helps and we are back in our routine already. Everything is falling into place. Funny how that happens in such a short 24 hour period when life turns upside down unexpectedly. Tim's flight home is booked for Tuesday at 12noon. My parents are arriving that night. Tim has a few days off in between his training and the first day of school so he is really looking forward to having Reid all to himself those days. Preston is doing GREAT! He is feeling awesome, napping great and sleeping thru the night with 1 suction if that. HOORAY! The weather here has been GORGEOUS! We went for an hour long walk today and it was in the low 70's. We are spending the whole day at the zoo tomorrow. I know these next 2 weeks are going to fly! I am so fortunate my parents are retired and don't hesitate for a second to come out here and be with me and Preston till we come home. I am so blessed. And I have a sister who has gone ABOVE and BEYOND for us in many ways and the most meaningful is to make sure Reid is being loved like her own......he spent the morning at the pool with her and his cousins and my parents and had a wonderful time. My in-laws will have him all weekend and they just love their time with him. 

I talked to a mom tonight after dinner who's son is 4 but mentally is 2. He has tumors on his heart, kidneys, and on his brain. She is the NICEST woman and her son is ADORABLE! I had a lump in my throat after talking to her......God knew I needed perspective. I would be okay with another month here knowing my son is healthy and happy and is going to be just fine. And his brother is at home with everyone who couldn't love and spoil him enough. Wishing everyone a fantastic Friday and fun filled weekend! 

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