Monday, August 5, 2013

Adventures of Reid

Tonight's blog is all about our other little lovie. Reid is on my mind 24/7 and some of the pictures that I get sure make my day when I miss him more than words can say! For those of you wondering how he is doing, I think its safe to say he is having a GREAT summer! Thank you to our WHOLE family and dear friends for helping us with him. Your love for him means more to us than you will ever know!

Very first ice cream cone!

He asks to "brush brush" alot! 

Snacks and Bob the Builder

This child is fearless

Yep, I got ahold of something I wasn't supposed to touch! HA!

Reid can't get enough of his Papa......we need a pic of him with his other Grandpa. 

"Hi, I'm Reid. Want to go for a spin?"

My mom combed his hair to see how long it cut soon? Nah! I think we will let the curls grow some more!

FUN day with Mama Tolle

Milk and flashlight......the 2 essentials every 20 month old boy needs, right?

Bath time at Grandma and Papa's

Christmas jammies and churning pretend butter......pretty exciting times LOL

The look after knowing he should not be playing with something under the table

Curls are full force along with his love for playing trains

Grilled cheese on the go

Someone wanted their own 'walking stick' like Papa

The bathroom is a popular play place at my folks house

We are going to have to lock him up when he turns 13

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